A Life in Sport by Brendan Telfer

A Life in Sport is topical and controversial, written in a lively, opinionated style by one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent sports broadcasters. Brendan Telfer has worked for Television New Zealand since 1974 and for Radio Sport since 1998.

Chapters include:

The Tony Veitch affair – a behind-the-scenes look at that controversial story, written by someone who worked closely with Veitch and has known him since Veitch was a toddler.

Life in the ‘bear pit’ – an examination of the life of a radio talkback host. What gets listeners’ blood boiling? Which topics and people have most excited public opinion, and why?

A look at various Olympic Games, with particular scrutiny of the drugs controversies of 1976 and 1988.

The colour of sport – The situation in South Africa. This chapter is very personal to Brendan because he lived there in 1970 and married a Chinese woman. They were threatened and forced to leave the country.

Life in the world of netball as a male broadcaster – a funny and contentious chapter with strong opinions on many of the leading New Zealand netball identities.

The Goodwill Games – Brendan’s experiences in covering the Goodwill Games in Seattle and in St Petersburg, Russia, including his dealings with Larry King, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda.

An analysis of what’s gone wrong with TVNZ, including an insider’s view of many of the famous battles, such as the dumping and reinstatement of Keith Quinn as rugby commentator.

Rome revisited – a moving chapter in which Peter Snell and Murray Halberg were taken back to Rome 40 years after their Olympic triumphs – their memories and observations.

There are also a dozen mini-chapters on such subjects as Carl Lewis, Bob Charles, Alan Jones (Australian rugby coach), John Davies and many more that are included for their humorous content.

The book finishes with Brendan nominating the top 10 sports figure of his time, and why.