The A-Z of Meads by Keith Quinn

Yarns, facts and fallacies about a New Zealand rugby legend.

The A-Z of Meads is a book with a difference.

Sir Colin Meads continues to be a fascination for the New Zealand sports public. Whenever he is asked to speak publicly, and that is very often even though he is now into his 70s, crowds of New Zealanders young and old come to hear his down-home ability to tell a tale. With his pinpoint recollections, his droll humour and an uncanny sense of timing, he is always a hit.

In The A-Z of Meads there are revelations about his preference in music, his favourite recipes, even his favourite beers. He adds new slants to famous incidents he was involved in during his rugby prime.

Author Keith Quinn gives Meads’ friends the chance to tell their side of on-field battles they had with the mighty Meads. They make for absorbing and often hilarious reading.

Keith Quinn is a household name in New Zealand, a broadcaster of world renown and a passionate rugby follower. He is also an inveterate collector and hoarder, and has been accumulating stories and yarns about Meads for more than 40 years. Because many of the Meads stories are so interesting, and because so many have never been aired publicly, Quinn thought: “Why not publish them?”

The result is a unique New Zealand rugby book, and one which will surely be hugely popular.

Keith Quinn has been a sports broadcaster all his working life. He has attended nine summer Olympic Games and 10 Commonwealth Games, and seven Rugby World Cups.

In 1997 he was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s Honours List.

He lives in Wellington with his wife Anne. They have three children.