Journey to Nowhere by Keith Quinn

Popular television broadcaster and best-selling author Keith Quinn hit the jackpot with Journey to Nowhere, his personal diary of the 2003 World Cup year.

What a tumultuous year it was . . . the Doug Howlett contract controversy, Rupeni Caucaunibuca’s campaign to become an All Black, the illness of Jonah Lomu, the sacking of superstars Christian Cullen, Taine Randell, Andrew Mehrtens and Anton Oliver, the threatened players strike over World Cup  bonuses, a home defeat by England, followed by huge wins over old foes South Africa and Australia . . . all this and then the World Cup.

All Black coach John Mitchell was taking New Zealand on a journey to World Cup glory, but instead it ended with a shattering defeat by Australia in the semi-finals. Then followed the frantice campaign by Mitchell to hold on to his job.

Quinn takes readers through these and other rugby stories, ranging from the bizarre to the controversial, that made news during 2003.

Journey to Nowhere is a personal narrative of Quinn’s experiences in 2003, written by someone who has been broadcasting international rugby for more than three decades.

Quinn is outspoken, witty, and sometimes very personal. This is his take on what happened during the year, what went wrong and why, and he offers his solutions.

Journey to Nowhere is the inside story of a rugby year like no other. It makes compelling reading for anyone who cares about New Zealand rugby.