New Zealand’s Top 100 Sports History-Makers by Joseph Romanos

New Zealand’s Top 100 Sports History-Makers contains profiles of the men and women who have shaped New Zealand sport, and is staggering in its scope. It is a sister publication, and natural successor, to the extremely successful New Zealand’s Top 100 History-Makers, which was published in 2005.

Those profiled in the sports book include not just famous All Blacks and Olympians, but snooker players, shearers, mountaineers, long-distance swimmers, speedway stars, cross-country skiers and disabled athletes.

New Zealand’s sports superstars, such as Peter Snell, Edmund Hillary, Richard Hadlee and Colin Meads, are all there. But so, too, are many other influential sports figures, like rugby administrator Jock Hobbs, netball coach Lois Muir and rowing guru Dick Tonks.

The book includes pre-World War I heroes Bob Fitzsimmons, Anthony Wilding, Billy Wallace and Dave Gallaher, and recent achievers, including Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell, Stacey Jones, Stephen Fleming, Sarah Ulmer and Wynton Rufer.

New Zealand’s Top 100 Sports History-Makers is outstandingly illustrated and researched. It will provide fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the people who have done New Zealand sport proud.