Publications A-M

The A-Z of Meads by Keith Quinn, 2010 – is a book with a difference. Yarns, facts and fallacies about a New Zealand rugby legend.

A Life in Sport by Brendan Telfer, 2009 – is topical and controversial, written in a lively, opinionated style by one of New Zealand’s best-known sports broadcasters.

Journey to Nowhere by Keith Quinn, 2004 – a personal diary of the 2003 rugby World Cup year

Cricket Confidential by Joseph Romanos, 2005 – the best work of one of New Zealand’s most experienced cricket writers.

Jack Lovelock – Athletic and Doctor by Dr Graeme Woodfield, 2007 – the definitive biography of one of New Zealand’s finest and most intriguing sportsmen.

Lancaster Park – an Illustrated History by Don Neely and Joseph Romanos, 2006 – an entertaining and informative look at New Zealand’s most famous sports ground.

My Sports Hero by Wynne Gray, 2009 – the author spoke to more than 100 prominent New Zealanders and asked them who their sports hero was, and why.