Winning Ways by Joseph Romanos

Champion New Zealand coaches
reveal their secrets

 Joseph Romanos, author of more than 30 books, has talked to many of New Zealand’s leading coaches to discover their secrets to success.

Among the subjects canvassed are: the difference between coaching men and women; how to make sports science work for you; when to use a sports psychologist; how to coach a team as opposed to an individual; what to do with a star player who doesn’t fit in; and how to peak. This book will be a must for those who are interested in coaching or playing sport at any level.

More than that, it contains life lessons that will help people outside sport, such as those running businesses.

The coaches are Ruth Aitken (netball), Tab Baldwin (basketball), John Bracewell (cricket), Jan Cameron (swimming), Ron Cheatley (cycling), Mark Elliott (triathlon), Graham Henry (rugby), Ricki Herbert (soccer), Duncan Laing (swimming), Chris Lewis (tennis), Brian Lochore (rugby), Brian McClenna (league), Grant Sharman (disabled sport), Dick Tonks (rowing), Mike Walsh (softball).

The introduction is by Don Tricker, coach of two world championship-winning New Zealand softball teams and now head of coaching for Sparc.       The Author Joseph Romanos has been a sports journalist since 1975. During that time he has worked principally for The Evening Post and The Dominion newspapers and the Listener magazine.

Joseph is currently a columnist for several daily newspapers and has a weekly comment segment on Radio Sport. This is his 38th book.